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Questions tagged [technologies]

For questions about quantum technologies that act as enabling technologies for quantum computing. Also for for questions comparing the challenges faced and opportunities created by different quantum technologies with those corresponding to quantum computing.

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I/O problem in quantum computing

Several months ago there is a paper appears calling Disentangling Hype from Practicality: On Realistically Achieving Quantum Advantage. It seems it is a real challenge to transfer data from quantum to ...
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Possible applications for small photonic cluster-states

Assume I have a "resource state generator", enabling me to produce photonic cluster states in arbitrary shape with O(1-10) photons. Are there any possible applications for such a device in ...
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Period of phase leads the advantage of Heisenberg's Limit disappear?

In Quantum Metrology, the aim is to estimate some unknown parameters(I will talk about one parameter estimation in this post, while multiparameter is also available) as precise as possible. Without ...
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What constitutes a quantum database?

Newb question, I know it's broad. I'm coming here for validated pointers, so I can know what to read. I have QT for CS (Yanofsky, Mannucci) and am reading about Shannon and Von Neumann entropy, but I'...
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Is there any single-logical-qubit physical device out there as of end 2018?

By my first impression, there are many-qubits computers out there and more to come, as to follow the press. Now a closer look reveals that it's all about designing and building physical qubits. ...
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Can quantum computing be profitable without quantum hardware?

What are the fields/business ideas that a new business can work on within quantum computing that can be profitable if this business has no access to onboard quantum setups but can access the cloud-...
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Are there any other companies besides Microsoft pursuing topological QC?

Also, why is Microsoft placing such an emphasis on topological qubits when most other companies seem to be focusing on other qubit technologies? I know topological qubits could handle noise far ...
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Breakthroughs in quantum computing using non-standard quanta [closed]

It seems that quantum computers can be classified by the type of quantum they operate on. Not entirely sure what category most common current systems fall into (eg. D-Wave, Google, IBM, Microsoft). ...
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Are quantum computers just a variant on Analog computers of the 50's & 60's that many have never seen nor used?

In the recent Question "Is Quantum Computing just Pie in the Sky" there are many responses regarding the improvements in quantum capabilities, however all are focussed on the current 'digital' ...
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What use has quantum computing been?

Most of us on this site believe that quantum computing will work. However, let's play devil's advocate. Imagine that we suddenly hit some fundamental stumbling block that prevented further development ...
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What is the status of quantum computing compared with other (photonic) quantum technologies?

There is a number of emerging quantum technologies, among which we find the category of photon-based quantum technologies, including quantum key distribution or quantum random number generators. The ...
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Do the 'fundamental circuit elements' have a correspondence in quantum technologies?

Capacitors, Inductors and Resistors are well-known circuit components. Since the proposal of Leon Chua in 1971, the Memristor joined them as a fundamental component. I am wondering whether these ...
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