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For questions about quantum t-designs: probability distributions over states or unitaries that replicate specific properties of the Haar distribution.

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5 votes
1 answer

Approximating unitaries with elements from a t-design

(This is basically a reference request) I am wondering if there are any results out there on to what accuracy a given unitary can be approximated with an element drawn from a t-design. To ...
1 vote
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Optimality of the SWAP test versus weak Schur sampling for testing unitarily invariant properties

Consider the following setting. I am either given the density matrix $|\psi\rangle \langle \psi|^{\otimes k}$ or the density matrix $\frac{\mathbb{I}^{\otimes k}}{2^{nk}}$, where $\mathbb{I}$ is the $...
2 votes
1 answer

At what depth and for what architecture are random quantum circuits $1$-designs?

I was confused about something related to quantum $1$ designs. Let us recap two facts we know about random circuit ensembles that form a $1$ design. $1$ design, for a quantum circuit over $n$ qubits, ...
17 votes
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What is quantum t-design (intuitive understanding)?

I started reading about Randomized Benchmarking (this paper, arxiv version) and came across "unitary 2 design." After some googling, I found that the Clifford group being a unitary 2 design is a ...