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Strawberry Fields is a full-stack Python library for designing, simulating, and optimizing continuous variable (CV) quantum optical circuits.

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Where is the input data X in the CV-QNN as presented in Pennylane?

I am referring to the tutorial of CV-QNN in Pennylane(Strawberry Fields). Each layer of CV-QNN can perform the operation below. Unlike other quantum neural network tutorials, where the input X and y ...
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Implementing a simple 3 mode gate using Strawberry Fields

I'm looking to implement the operator the 3 mode operator $e^{-i\frac{s}{h}\hat{x_1} \otimes \hat{p_2} \otimes \hat{p_3}}$ using Strawberry Fields. I know that using the ...
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How to write an entangled state in Strawberry Fields Quantum Computing Python Package?

In Strawberry Fields's own internet site they explain many kinds of states mathematically and then show how to implement the state in Python. Unfortunately I could not find how to implement a multi-...
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I was solving matrix of beam splitter in python but got stuck in understanding the library

What does this command physically mean? block_diag([[1]], BSunitaries[2], [[1]]) Can any one tell me in matrix form? Source
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Design NISQ Circuit with StrawberryFields

I am trying to design this circuits with strawberry fields. However I could not connect my first and second qubit mode: orange boxes are beam splitters, blue boxes are phase shifters. The green box ...
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