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For questions regarding quantum computation by state injection.

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Postponing post-processing through state injection protocols

I am trying to build a $T$ injecton protocol and study how an $X^b$ post-process, supposed to happen before the protocol, behaves if delayed after the protocol. The first example comes from the ...
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Is this kind of $T$ injection correct?

I found the protocol in figure on internet, without proof. Here, $|\omega\rangle = TH|0\rangle$. It is refered as catalytic injection. I doubt its correctness on the second qubit as it outputs $|\...
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How to inject a $Y^{\frac{1}{4}}$ gate into a circuit

I need to perform a controlled-$H$ gate, which is non-Clifford. Its standard decomposition is $$Y^{-\frac{1}{4}}_b\cdot CX^{\phantom{\frac{1}{4}}}_{a,b}\cdot Y^{\frac{1}{4}}_b.$$ By means of some ...
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How does magic state distillation overhead scale compare to quantum advantages?

I'm interested in the model of quantum computation by magic state injection, that is where we have access to the Clifford gates, a cheap supply of ancilla qubits in the computational basis, and a few ...
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