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Why are global phases neglected in the check matrix representation of stabilizers?

In the check matrix representation of stabilizers, one does not care about the global phase. Now why is that? As far as I understand if I have a quantum computation, it can be computationally more ...
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Efficiently finding an explicit presentation for $N(S)/S$, for any stabilizer group $S$

Let $P_n$ denote the $n$-qubit Pauli group. This has presentation $P_n = \langle iI, X_1, \ldots, X_n, Z_1, \ldots, Z_n \rangle$. Suppose we have a stabilizer group $S = \langle s_1, \ldots, s_k \...
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Applying a single-qubit Pauli measurement to 3 or more pure non-orthogonal $n$-qubit stabilizer states

If we have 3 or more pure non-orthogonal $n$-qubit stabilizer states, where $n \ge 2$, is it true that there always exists a single-qubit Pauli measurement that will map these states to a set of post-...
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How are classical shadows stored efficiently?

The paper states that classical shadows can be stored efficiently by stabilizer formalism. But I'm confused what information is stored? I can't tell the efficiency come from. In the paper,the ...
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How to use stabilizers to simulate the circuit?

Sorry for this easy questions. That is a simple textbook question but I don't know how to solve it. I have the following circuit: The question was "use stabilizers to simulate the circuit" ...
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