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Questions tagged [shadow-tomography]

The study of solutions to the following problem: given an unknown D-dimensional quantum mixed state ρ, as well as known two-outcome measurements E1,...,EM, estimate the probability that Ei accepts ρ, to within additive error ε, for each of the M measurements. How many copies of ρ are needed to achieve this, with high probability?

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1 answer

Implement the classical shadow coding error?

I'm trying to reproduce the basic method of classical shadow, which is based on the tutorial of pennylane. However, I've met some realization problems here when I finish reading the tutorial of ...
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Inverting the depolarizing channel

I have a depolarizing channel acting on $2^n \times 2^n$ Hermitian matrices, defined as $$\tag{1} \mathcal{D}_p (X) = p X + (1-p) \frac{\text{Tr}(X)}{2^n} \mathbb{I}_{2^n} $$ where $\mathbb{I}_{d}$ is ...
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