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Questions tagged [rigetti]

Rigetti Computing is a Berkeley, California-based developer of quantum integrated circuits used for quantum computers. The company also develops a cloud platform called Forest that enables programmers to write quantum algorithms. (Wikipedia)

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When did Rigetti release their 128-qubit chip?

On Aug 6 2018, Rigetti announced that they would release a 128-qubit chip within a year. They provided an update on Jan 24 2019, but there is no mention of further progress. Other sources all mention ...
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Underlying Hamiltonians and pulse level controls of different commercially available quantum computers

My research area is in quantum state transfer, and I am trying to perform a 'proof of principle' that requires the underlying Hamiltonians of quantum systems and the control I can have on these ...
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retrieve gate errors from rigetti devices via braket

Is it possible to retrieve gate fidelities, T1 and T2 times, etc. from old jobs in a rigetti device via braket and the amazon api?
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Not able to run on Riggeti from Azure

Trying to run this example (Submit a circuit with Qiskit to Azure Quantum) on Riggeti from Azure, with a US account, but job failed with this error on the Job management console of Azure: ...
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Rigetti "Timeout on client tcp://, method name quil_to_native_quil" error

I am trying to run a relatively large quantum circuit on Rigetti's Aspen-11. I have a reservation for later today, but I am getting an error when running the code. I know that if you use: ...
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Qiskit unable to transpile the circuit for Rigetti Aspen M 1 on AWS

I am trying to run a Qiskit QAOA algorithm on AWS Rigetti Aspen M 1 Backend using qiskit braket provider. However qiskit is not able to properly transpile the circuit ...
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How to create a qubit in an arbitrary state in PyQuil

In PyQuil, a qubit is initialised as $|0\rangle$ by default. Suppose, I want to initialise a qubit in an arbitrary state, say $\frac{1}{\sqrt{3}}|0\rangle+\sqrt{\frac{2}{3}}|1\rangle$. How to do this ...
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How to get the $T1$ specs for the Rigetti's quantum processor (Aspen 7)

I am trying to find the $T1$ coherence time for different qubits of Rigetti's quantum processor (Aspen 7) using Python. I tried using Specs() but encountered an ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Error during Forest OpenFermion installation [closed]

I tried installing Forest OpenFermion by pip install forestopenfermion and I got the following long error message (cut): ...
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Newbie Project: Calculate a Mersenne Prime with Quantum Computing

I am new to the quantum world and wondering the bounds of which the technology is at the current state of the art: specifically in computing prime numbers. I would like to, if possible, create a ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Status of software packages for quantum compiling

By "quantum compiling", what I mean is classical algorithms to solve the following problem: given a $SU(D)$ matrix $U$ (the goal) and a set of $SU(D)$ unitary matrices $V_1 \cdots V_N$ (the gates), ...
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How are Rigetti and IBM QX device parameters related to Kraus operators?

Rigetti reports the following parameters: ( T1, T2* times 1-qubit gate fidelity (F1q) 2-qubit gate fidelity (F2q) and, read-out fidelity (Fro) IBM QX reports the ...
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3 answers

What are physically allowed CNOTs for Rigetti's 19 qubit chip and Google's 72 qubit BristleCone chip?

For each IBM quantum chip, one can write a dictionary mapping each control qubit j to a list of its physically allowed targets, assuming j is the control of a CNOT. For example, ...
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