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For questions related to reversible computing, i.e. computing models where each elementary operation (and hence every computation) can be undone.

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Thermodynamic Speed Limit to Quantum Computing

There's a lot of mystifying jargon in the field of quantum computation, so I would like to pose a question from elementary physics to maybe help clarify things. Is it not true that the speed of a real-...
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Universality for reversible classical computation

Is there any way to check whether a set of gates (for example, take the set comprising of the CNOT gate and the Hadamard gate) is universal for reversible classical computation? I can think of trial ...
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What role does Landauer's principle play in quantum reversibility?

In section 3.2.5 of Nielsen and Chuang (starting page 153) they talk about Landauer’s principle, where they discuss the lower bound on the thermodynamic cost of erasing information. In irreversible ...
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