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Any model of restricted quantum information processing built upon two main system-dependent requirements for the resources and allowed operations; (i) the existence of a set of states that are free and those not in the set are expensive; and (ii) the allowed operations are those that map the set of free states to itself.

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Why is the resource theory approach used in quantum information processing? [closed]

What are the advantages and applications of using the resource theory approach in QIP ? What specific problems can be solved using in particular this approach ?
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Is there a resource theory of irreversibility?

We know that we can quantify the degree of irreversibility of a quantum process using the entropy production rate of the same process. But sometimes it seems that the very fact that information has ...
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What is the relation between fidelity and concurrence for a two qubit maximally mixed state?

I am trying to understand the relation between Fidelity and Concurrence for a two qubit maximally mixed state. When I calculate the Fidelity and Concurrence, I observe that Concurrence is zero whereas ...
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