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For questions about the (quantum) relative entropy, the quantum version of the classical Kullback-Leibler divergence.

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Questions about the relation between max-relative entropy $D_{\max}(\rho||\sigma)$ and max-information

The max-relative entropy between two states is defined as $$D_{\max }(\rho \| \sigma):=\log \min \{\lambda: \rho \leq \lambda \sigma\},$$ where $\rho\leq \sigma$ should be read as $\sigma - \rho$ is ...
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What is the conditional min-entropy for diagonal ("classical") matrices?

The conditional min-entropy, discussed e.g. in these notes by Watrous, as well as in this other post, can be defined as $$\mathsf{H}_{\rm min }(\mathsf{X} \mid \mathsf{Y})_{\rho}\equiv -\inf _{\sigma \...
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