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Questions tagged [randomised-benchmarking]

The randomized benchmarking method yields estimates of the computationally relevant errors without relying on accurate state preparation and measurement. Since it involves long sequences of randomly chosen gates, it also verifies that error behavior is stable when used in long computations. (arXiv:0707.0963)

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How to benchmark a quantum computer?

Using a simple puzzle game to benchmark quantum computers is the most clever approach I have seen so far. The author of the aforementioned article, James, makes a nice analogy to buying a laptop ("...
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Using XOR games to benchmark quantum computers

In an answer to a previous question, What exactly are Quantum XOR Games?, ahelwer states: One application of xor games is self-testing: when running algorithms on an untrusted quantum computer, you ...
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How to split a Quantum Circuit on a barrier in Qiskit?

Let's say I have a QuantumCircuit with multiple barriers as shown in the visual below: How would I split up the ...
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