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Roughly speaking, quantum volume measures the worth of quantum computing hardware by the square of the maximum depth of quantum computations it permits but limits its value to the square of the qubits involved. This limit is justified by wanting to forestall "gaming" of the system by optimizing towards few qubits. (

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Is there a practical architecture-independent benchmark suitable for adversarial proof of quantum supremacy?

Recent quantum supremacy claims rely, among other things, on extrapolation, which motivates the question in the title, where the word "adversarial" is added to exclude such extrapolation-...
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Quantum volume calculation: what is the significance of the value 2/3 for probability to observe a heavy output in the definition of achievable depth?

I am looking into the algorithm to calculate the quantum volume of a given quantum computer. The one thing that is unclear to me is how the achievable depth is defined. In Andrew W. Cross, Lev S. ...
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