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Questions tagged [quantum-volume]

Roughly speaking, quantum volume measures the worth of quantum computing hardware by the square of the maximum depth of quantum computations it permits but limits its value to the square of the qubits involved. This limit is justified by wanting to forestall "gaming" of the system by optimizing towards few qubits. (

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Can we somehow relate quantum volume with the total number of gates present in a circuit which the machine can succesfully run without large errors

Let's say I have a circuit which contains x number of gates and a machine with quantum volume y, Can I relate x and y somehow to determine if the circuit can be succesfully run on the machine without ...
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Quantum volume calculation: what is the significance of the value 2/3 for probability to observe a heavy output in the definition of achievable depth?

I am looking into the algorithm to calculate the quantum volume of a given quantum computer. The one thing that is unclear to me is how the achievable depth is defined. In Andrew W. Cross, Lev S. ...
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Is there something like error-suppression codes?

My question is a bit on the soft side, and basically asks if there is something between error mitigation and full error correction? On the one hand, as far as I understand, trying to increase the ...
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How quantum volume relates to the number of qubits

According to this paper, quantum volume is defined by the width or number of QV layers of the largest random square circuit (with width equal to the number of layers) that a quantum processor can ...
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Is there a way to decompose a quantum circuit into layers?

For example, if take the following circuit as the input (either QASM or Qiskit): ...
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QV circuits fail to execute in real devices

I tried to change a little the code here for running the quantum volume circuits in real devices. My code is ...
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What use cases are there for 127 qubit QPUs?

IBM have recently announced their 127 qubit Eagle processor. Other approaches, such as Rydberg arrays, have now 256 qubits, as for example in QuEra's QPU QPU. While these are without a doubt ...
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Is it possible to set quantum volume in IBM Quantum simulator?

A quantum volume serves as a metric of a quantum processor quality. So far, IBM Quantum provides processors with quantum volume up to 128. Freely accessbile processors have QV up to 32. A user using ...
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Why is the quantum volume vastly greater than the number of qubits squared?

According to Wikipedia, the Honeywell computer has quantum volume ("QV") equal to 1024 and has 10 qubits. QV should not be more than $n^2$ squared, i.e. 100. Is this any math error? Are the ...
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Is there a practical architecture-independent benchmark suitable for adversarial proof of quantum supremacy?

Recent quantum supremacy claims rely, among other things, on extrapolation, which motivates the question in the title, where the word "adversarial" is added to exclude such extrapolation-...
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Can we calculate the quantum volume of a classical computer?

The quantum volume is typically taken as a popular metric to determine the capability of a quantum computer to solve complex problems. Since the end goal is to develop quantum computers that can solve ...
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6 votes
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Could a new benchmark of quantum processors Q-Score by Atos be more useful than quantum volume?

A few days ago, Atos company published new benchmark for quantum computers. The benchmark is called Q-Score and it is defined as follows: To provide a frame of reference for comparing performance ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is there a straightforward way to calculate the quantum volume for simple systems?

There are a few people who ask how to calculate IBM's "quantum volume", but it's not clear what the actual mathematical definition of this is. In the answers here, people just point to ...
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How can I use the quantum volume to design the scale of my experiment?

I am designing an experiment which involves solving a linear system of equations of the form $Ax=b$. To do this, I am using the HHL algorithm on the IBMQ system. My experiment is scalable such that ...
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How to calculate the quantum Volume?

I read the article of IBM on Quantum Volume, but I don't understand how to calculate the effective error rate, and therefore the Quantum Volume. Can someone give an example of the calculation?
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What quantum volume is needed to represent a single logical qubit?

The quantum volume metric $V_Q$ is a proposed metric for quantifying and comparing the performance of quantum computers1. The quantum volume is defined as $$V_Q = \max_{n<N} \left(\min\left[n, d(n)...
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Is the "Quantum Volume" a fair metric for future, elaborate, high value quantum computations?

A metric called the "quantum volume" has been proposed to somehow compare the utility of different quantum computing hardware. Roughly speaking, it measures their worth by the square of the maximum ...
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