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A machine learning model or algorithm that combines concepts from quantum computing and artificial neural networks encompassing a variety of ideas, ranging from quantum computers emulating the exact computations of neural nets, to general trainable quantum circuits that bear only little resemblence with the multi-layer perceptron structure.

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Equivalencies between neural networks and quantum neural networks

TL;DR - Quantum neural networks use a few qubits, gates and simple quantum circuits. Regular neural networks use real numbers (composed of many bits), nonlinear functions on real numbers and very ...
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How can we compute the gradient in a Quantum RNN?

I was looking into implementing a quantum recurrent neural network (QRNN) for a project, but I have some doubts about the computation of the gradient. There are a few papers that have implemented a ...
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Adding trainable weights to feature inputs for a CircuitQNN?

Currently I'm trying to get together a QNN that can be trained to classify the normalized (-1, 1) IRIS Dataset on all 3 classes. For this I am using Qiskit's ...
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What is the input for the interpret of Quantum Variational Regressors?

I'm trying to implement my first variational regressor using qiskit. I would like to understand how the interpret of a CircuitQNN works. I need to define an interpret that works on the amplitudes of a ...
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Effect of error correction gates in QCNN

In Iris Cong et. al. (2019) they propose a Quantum Convolutional Neural Network that utilizes mid-circuit measurements to control an error-correcting ansatz $V_j$. This is the equivalent of a pooling ...
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Measuring a single-qubit PauliZ using Qiskit's EstimatorQNN

I am currently working with the EstimatorQNN from Qiskit to construct a Quantum Neural Network using a custom Parametrized Quantum Circuit. But I want to change the ...
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Where is the input data X in the CV-QNN as presented in Pennylane?

I am referring to the tutorial of CV-QNN in Pennylane(Strawberry Fields). Each layer of CV-QNN can perform the operation below. Unlike other quantum neural network tutorials, where the input X and y ...
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How to take gradient of the `tfq.layers.State` output?

I am using the following code for building a quantum circuit as a custom tf.keras.layers.Layer: ...
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Quantum Generative Adversarial Network does not converge

I have built a quantum generative adversarial network model, in which the generator and the discriminator, both are quantum based model. The parametrized quantum circuit/ansatz of these two models are ...
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How to train a Quantum Neural network for regression model in supervised learning

We want to train a parameterised circuit(which is our neural network - from this paper. Now our final circuit looks a little like Let's say there are n training cases. So I have n |gt> vectors ...
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tensorflow, tensorflow-quantum, tensorflow-federated latest version compatibility?

I have been working with on some research on tensorflow, tensorflow-quantum and tensorflow-federated and the problem with that is I just can't install those three at my google colab and I tried ...
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