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For questions about money whose security is based on aspects of the No-Cloning Theorem.

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Are non-secret-based quantum money mini-schemes susceptable to Jogenfors' "reuse attack?"

Aaronson and Christiano call public-key or private-key quantum mini-schemes $\mathcal M$ secret-based if a mint works by first uniformly generating a secret random classical strings $r$, and then ...
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About how many qubits and how many T gates is needed to verify Quantum Money from Knots?

Dalzell, McArdle, Berta, Bienias, Chen, Gilyén, Hann, Kastoryano, Khabiboulline, Kubica, Salton, Wang, and Brandão have posted a comprehensive assessment of state-of-the-art end-to-end resources ...
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