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Use quantum feauture map different from ZZFeatureMap

I'm following this tutorial to try and implement a QSVC on the Iris dataset. The tutorial uses ZZFeatureMap to create the kernel with ...
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How can I pass multiple embeddings in my function?

I have a problem with my code. I would like to try multiple embeddings in my kernel (I'm using the adjoint method). My idea is to pass them to the function and use them depending on what I pass. ...
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Why is the quantum kernel $\kappa(x,x')=|\langle\phi(x)|\phi(x')\rangle|^2$ defined with a square?

I've always wondered why the quantum kernel method \begin{equation}\label{QKM1} \kappa (x,x')=|\langle \phi(x) |\phi(x') \rangle {{|}^{2}} \end{equation} must be a square. After reading “Supervised ...
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