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Used for question related to quantum computing platform Quantum Inspire provided by QuTech, a company co-founded by Delft University of Technology.

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1 answer

Circuit composer RX or RY gate disappears

When I specify the RX or RY gate to rotate by say $\pi/4$ in the circuit composer, the gate disappears off the circuit. Is there any reason why if I leave it with $\pi/2$ default then it stays? If I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to build a quantum processor with connections among all qubits?

Current quantum processors have constrained connectivity among qubits. For example Starmon-5 processor by Quantum Inspire has only one qubit connected to others, effectively it looks like a star. The ...
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11 votes
3 answers

How to approximate $Rx$, $Ry$ and $Rz$ gates?

Quantum Inspire is a quantum computing platform provided by QuTech. It consists of two real quantum processors - Starmon-5 and Spin-2. Whereas it is possible to use rotation gates $Rx$, $Ry$ and $Rz$ ...
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6 votes
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What are examples of quantum computing platforms availble for free (other than IBM Q)?

IBM Q is (maybe first) quantum computing platform allowing users to register for free and run algorithm on real quantum processors. There are several processors with usually 5 qubits, however, it is ...
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