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Used for application of quantum algorithms in finance industry.

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How can I evaluate the weights of different shares in a portfolio optimization problem?

I'm trying to do a comparison between the classical way to do portfolio selection with Markovitz and the quantum counterpart. With Markovitz I'm able to generate an output representing the best ...
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Interpreting VQE and QAOA based solutions in portfolio optimization

I am going through portfolio optimization using Qiskit. It really looks interesting. The module has both VQE and QAOA algorithms for optimizing the portfolios. In the VQE based solution the ...
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Qiskit Portfolio Optimization

After running this code: I have an error: ...
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How to load time-series stock data into quantum amplitude estimation

Now I got some time-series data as showing example below: I have spent a period of time realizing the QAE from qiskit, and I found that the tutorial used uncertainty model to reproduce data, while I ...
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How to construct Hamiltonian for combinatorial optimization problems and then convert into Pauli basis?

Suppose I have a portfolio optimization problem where I have to minimize, $$qx^T\sum x - \mu^Tx$$ where q is the maximum risk and x is {0,1}^n and $\mu$ are the expected returns. Now I have to convert ...
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