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what is Pauli twirling approximation?

In this video, Artur Ekert shows that for a single qubit, 4 Kraus operators can be chosen such that the action on state $\rho$ is given as $\rho \rightarrow \sum_m p_m A_m \rho A_m^\dagger$. We can ...
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Cirq: Getting The Instances (samples) of a Quantum Circuit with Probabilistic Unitaries or Mixtures

The wavefunction simulator in Cirq uses a Monte Carlo approach to simulate a certain subset of quantum noise channels, namely through probabilistic/stochastic application of unitary gates. These are ...
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Additivity of degradable and anti-degradable quantum capacities

It is known that for degradable channels $\mathcal{N}$ and $\mathcal{M}$, the single-letter quantum capacity is aditive (Potential Capacities of Quantum Channels), i.e. \begin{equation} Q^{(1)}(\...