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How to define an energy function, for predicting protein structure in quantum computing? [closed]

Let q denote a particular configuration of the protein in a grid, written in the form where $x_i$ and $y_i$ are the $x$ and $y$ coordinate of the $i$th amino acid. For this configuration, how to ...
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Modeling light transfer through every path with superpositioning

So I asked a question about this topic earlier but since then, I did more digging into this problem. Researchers at Berkeley experimented with a theory of photosynthesis happening using Quantum ...
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Simulating light absorption in Photosynthesis through Quantum computing

Basically, I want to simulate the above photosystem process of light absorption. Above is a diagram of laser beams shot into antenna pigment molecules and traveling to the reaction center. Two ...
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How similar is the recent (2021) tardigrade experiment to a Schrödinger's cat experiment?

In a recent paper on the arXiv, a team of researchers from Singapore and elsewhere claim to have established entanglement between a superconducting qubit and a tardigrade (or water-bear), which is a ...
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Do biological brains compute using quantum mechanics? [closed]

Someone on research gate said the answer was no Our brain is a neural network with a very complex connectome. Any system is in a sense a computer adhering quantum mechanics, but what is known ...
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Where I can read about protein folding on quantum computers with simple examples?

Where I can read about protein folding on quantum computer (Qiskit will be ideal variant) with simple examples? Thanks
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Extrapolation of CRISPR

Can quantum computing do a simple simulated extrapolation of CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) projects using a limited number of variables? I mean something like ...
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Resources for quantum biology

Are there any books, courses, tutorials, etc. for studying quantum biology? Preferably they provide some introduction/primer on the relevant quantum aspects of the quantum biological systems being ...
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Does the quantum coherence in the FMO complex have any significance to quantum computing (on a biological substrate)?

The quantum effects of the FMO complex (photosynthetic light harvesting complex found in green sulfur bacteria) have been well studied as well as the quantum effects in other photosynthetic systems. ...
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Can biological quantum processes be used to guide optimized quantum algorithms?

My question is a continuation from the previous question:Is Quantum Biocomputing ahead of us?. Considering that there exist many biological processes with a quantum nature present (Photosynthesis, ...
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Quantum simulation of environment-assisted quantum walks in photosynthetic energy transfer

This question is related to Can the theory of quantum computation assist in the miniaturization of transistors? and Is Quantum Biocomputing ahead of us? About 10 years ago, several papers discussed ...
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