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Qrack is a GPU-accelerated HPC quantum computer simulator framework. The core library is dependency-free C++11, with optional OpenCL and Boost headers. Qrack aims to optimize the performance of noiseless pure state simulations. To this end, it contains many “layers” of functionality and optimization techniques.

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Numerical optimization of QRAC

I need to optimize a general version of 3$\rightarrow$1 QRAC where Bob is asked to retrieve one of the XOR combinations of the bits( If ABC is the given string to Alice, then Bob would be asked to ...
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Gate definitions for quantum random access codes

I would like to know how the gates are defined in quantum random access codes? Consider the $2 \to 1$ code described in Lemma 3.1 of this paper. The section defines the encoding and decoding circuits. ...
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Impossibility of QRAC with random question, or more general proof of impossibility

TL;DR: Is it known that QRAC where the "question" is random instead of chosen are impossible? More generally what are the methods to prove impossibility games? I often face problems for which I want ...