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Q# is a domain-specific programming language used to express quantum algorithms. This tag should be used for questions related to creating/programming quantum algorithms using the 'Q#' language. If the question is unrelated to, or arising from some non-quantum aspect of Q#, it might be better to ask on StackOverflow. If appropriate, also use the [programming] tag.

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What's meaning of the expression like "Qubit[] => Result"

In Q#,there are lots of expressions like "Qubit[] => Result". It can be the type of return result,like this: ...
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How to create a C# host program for a Q# program in Visual Studio Community 2019?

I have been trying to create a C# host program for a Q# program in Visual Studio Community 2019 by following these instructions:
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How do you decide which rotations to use in a Quantum Machine Learning model?

I am trying to design a model using Q#'s machine learning library that takes in two features (real numbers from 0 to 1) and classifies as 0 or 1. So how do I decide which Rotations and what seeds to ...
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Attempting to use the QuantumMachineLearning Repositry with vscode and now import qsharp is reporting 'Fail'

I have been trying to follow the Quantum machine learning kata by using vscode and jupyter notebook, I was using the wrong version of iqsharp so changed it in the code like so: As can be seen the ...
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Q# Quantum.MachineLearning namespace doesn't exist error

I am trying to use the HalfMoon Classifier in Quantum Machine Learning Sample Examples. I am trying to run it locally. However I keep getting this error. ...
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How to reduce the length of Q# programs execution time?

In the released Q# documentation by Microsoft available at: Quantum Development Kit Full State Simulator, it is written By default OpenMP uses all available hardware threads, which means that ...
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VSCode: System.DllNotFoundException when running Q# project

I am trying to set up my Q# environment in VSCode, yet I keep getting an error when running the boilerplate code. I have followed the instruction found here. The error I am getting is the following: <...
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My First Own Grover Search with Q#

After I read the "[Quantum computing foundations]( of Microsoft I would like to be sure I understand a little the ...
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Q# Grover Tutorial Problem

Referring to the Q# tutorial on Grover algorithm in, I replicated the code exactly in Visual Studio ...
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Different result between Q# and Qiskit

I'm running a search program with custom initial state. I wrote a program in Q# and one in Qiskit but I get different results even if the code seems to be peforming the same operations. The Q# result ...
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