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Questions tagged [pyqubo]

For questions about PyQUBO: Python DSL for constructing QUBOs from mathematical expressions.

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Extracting a QUBO matrix from pyqubo

I am benchmarking different QUBO solvers for a very simple instance of the knapsack problem. Some of these solvers require the matrix, Q, and offset, b, from the equation: $$ \begin{equation} x^{\...
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How to add constraints to a BQM?

BQM is unconstrained by definition. I need to submit a knapsack problem with two constraints (equality constraints + inequality constraints) to a quantum annealer (DWaveSampler). How would you set the ...
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Inequality constraints on D-Wave (using PyQUBO)

Inequalities cannot be directly converted into a QUBO form. By inequality, I mean something like this: 0⩽ Expression ⩽ N. We can introduce a slack variable and convert it to an equality problem: ⟹ ...
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How to calculate the $r^{\text{th}}$ digit of $\sum ^{j−1}_{p=i}d^p_{\pm k}$ using PyQUBO?

I am going to implement "turn circuit encoding" method of Coarse-grained lattice protein folding on a quantum annealer(Babej, Ing & Fingerhuth; 2018) using PyQUBO to run on the DWave qbsolv ...
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