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For questions about purification of quantum states.

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Closeness of unitary dilations of CPTP maps

Let $\Phi_1,\Phi_2 \colon S(\mathcal{H}) \to S(\mathcal{H})$ be CPTP maps on the same Hilbert space $\mathcal{H}$ which are $\varepsilon$-close in diamond norm, and let $U_1,U_2$ be respective unitary ...
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Uhlmann's theorem analogue for channels

Let the stabilized channel fidelity between two channels $M_{A\rightarrow B}$ and $N_{A\rightarrow B}$ be defined as $$F(M,N) = \min\limits_{\vert\psi\rangle_{AR}} F\left((M\otimes I_R)\vert\psi\...
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