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Questions tagged [projection-operator]

A projection operator is one which when acts upon a quantum state (which is an element of a Hilbert space), "projects" it onto a subspace or onto another element of the same Hilbert space.

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What is the relation between POVMs and projective measurements?

I'm a little confused about the terminology of measurement. So say that we have the single qubit state $|\phi \rangle=c_0|0\rangle+c_1|1\rangle$. If we perform the projective measurement $P_0=|0\...
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How to code a projector operator in qiskit?

I'm new to qiskit and I want to know how do I define a projector operator in qiskit? Specifically, I have prepared a 3 qubit system, and after applying a whole lot of gates and measuring it in a state ...
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What's the observable when measuring multiple qubits in the computational basis?

In Nielsen and Chuang (Quantum Computing and Quantum Information) the following definition is given to a projective measurement: Projective measurements are described by an observable $M$: $$M = \...
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Implement a projection operator as a quantum circuit

Let the state $|\Psi\rangle\equiv a|0\rangle\otimes|\psi_0\rangle + b|1\rangle\otimes|\psi_1\rangle$, where $|\psi_0\rangle$ and $\psi_1\rangle$ belong to a multi-qubit register $R$ and the ...
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Showing measurement of a Hermitian Unitary operator gives final states as eigenvectors

This is related to exercise 4.34, The operation described can be written as $(H \otimes I)C^1(U)(H \otimes I)(|0\rangle \otimes |\psi\rangle)$ I can get to the point where the state of the system is ...
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Weeding out qubit states with leftmost qubit as 1

Need help! I was working on a project when I required to use a projection operator. For an example case, I have the Bell state, $$|\psi\rangle = \frac1{\sqrt2}\left(\color{blue}{|0}0\rangle+|11\rangle\...
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What does it mean to perform a measurement in correspondence with different projections?

In error correction, like the bit flip, you perform a measurement which corresponds to different projections so that the outcomes can teach you about the error. What does it mean? How do you actually ...
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