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Questions tagged [performance]

For questions about the performance of quantum computers and quantum computer emulators.

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How to improve embedding process in D-Wave?

I am quite new to the quantum computing field. Currently, I am trying to solve a combinatorial optimization problem on a D-Wave system, which I successfully translated into QUBO form. I also managed ...
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2 votes
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When is a Quantum Computer Slower Than a Classical Computer?

Someone offhandedly mentioned to me that quantum computers are sometimes significantly (I guess they meant asymptotically) slower than classical computers. Unfortunately, I didn't get any arguments ...
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1 vote
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How should I think about circuit metrics like "qubit count," "circuit depth," and "gate count" when dealing with the OpenQASM 3 `ctrl` modifier?

It seems like circuit metrics like qubit count, circuit depth, and gate count are pretty useful. Qubit count determines whether a it's even possible to run a program on resource-limited quantum ...
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