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For questions specifically related to the Peres-Mermin square and it's usage in Quantum Information and Computation. This square is particularly relevant for understanding the role of Kochen-Specker contextuality for Quantum Computation and it is of fundamental importance in many communication protocols in Quantum Information. This tag might be used for clarifying the usage of Peres-Mermin square, such as notation, terminology, specific calculations, etc.

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Combine qubits together to get additonal accuracy

The Peres-Mermin Magic Squares game at defines a simple circuit that outputs legal winning game outcomes. An "ad-hoc" circuit that does ...
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What is the quantum strategy required to win the Magic Squares game

This question is about the Magic Squares game. Links here, here and link here in which two players try to win a game. It's a cooperative game - either the team wins or the team loses. It is claimed ...
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What type of "local hidden variable" is ruled out when discussing (non)contextuality?

While reading about noncontextuality and the Peres-Mermin square, I encountered the statement that noncontextuality is tightly related to nonlocality à la Bell. For example, (Kleinmann et al. 2011) ...
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How can one show that Alice's and Bob's answers agree at the intersection cells of Mermin-Peres' "magic square"?

This question is along the lines of Problems in understanding the solution for "Mermin–Peres Magic Square Game" How can one show that Alice's and Bob's answers agree at the intersection ...
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How can one define contextuality within the circuit model?

It is in general believed that contextuality is one of the quantum resource that provides the quantum advantage. A context is usually defined in terms of a set of commuting observables. The quantum ...
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Can the Peres-Mermin square be reframed as a statement on the associated conditional outcome probabilities?

As mentioned in this answer, and links therein (assuming I'm understanding correctly), (non)contextuality can be defined as a property of a given set of conditional probability distributions, that is, ...
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Problems in understanding the solution for "Mermin–Peres Magic Square Game"

I am referring to the article Advanced Topics in Quantum Information Theory exercise 4 and to the MS Quantum Kata MS-Quantum-Kata which describes a solution for the Mermin–Peres Magic Square Game. I ...