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For questions about partial transpose, i.e. the transpose limited to a subsystem of a composite system.

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Finding a class $C$ of bipartite PPT states such that entanglement of $\rho \in C$ implies entanglement of $\rho + \rho^{\Gamma}$

Consider an entangled bipartite quantum state $\rho \in \mathcal{M}_d(\mathbb{C}) \otimes \mathcal{M}_{d'}(\mathbb{C})$ which is positive under partial transposition, i.e., $\rho^\Gamma \geq 0$. As ...
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What are examples of zero capacity quantum channels with Choi rank less than $d$?

All the currently known examples of quantum channels with zero quantum capacity are either PPT or anti-degradable. These notions can be conveniently defined in terms of the Choi matrix of the given ...
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How can I implement partial transpose on a variable in Picos (Python, trying to solve an SDP)?

I try to optimise a quantity via an SDP. I optimise over all PPT measurement operators and hence have the constraints $\Pi_k^{T_B} \succeq 0$ (PPT) for my measurement operators. The part of the code ...
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