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For questions about the "extrinsic" angular momentum carried by elementary particles.

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How do we restrict to a limited number of dimensions, say 3 for qutrits, while using OAM states of light?

When a azimuthal phase $\mathrm{e}^{il\phi}$ is applied to gaussian beams having plane wavefront, they develop a corkscrew sort of structure and therefore possess an orbital angular momentum in ...
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What is the difference between "intraphoton" and "interphoton" entanglement?

I am trying to better understand the following: What is the difference between Intraphoton Entanglement and Interphoton Entanglement? I am new in this field and i want to proceed some work on ...
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What do "hyperparallel algorithm" and "hyperentangled state" mean?

What do the terms "hyperparallel algorithm" and "hyperentangled states" mean? I found it mentioned here[1]. In the abstract they say: "Hyperentangled states, entangled states with more than one degree ...
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