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Who first studied nonlocal games with probabilistic predicate?

For some background, a nonlocal game consists of questions $x,y\in X,Y$ and answers $a,b \in A,B$; the pair of questions $x,y$ is asked with probability $\mu(x,y)$, and a referee accepts the pair of ...
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Can Alice and Bob convince the cops that they don't share any entanglement?

Suppose Alice and Bob are arrested for killing Eve, and are taken to two different interrogation rooms. The police quiz Alice and separately Bob, asking them a bunch of different questions along the ...
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Photonic CHSH Games

How can a CHSH game be realized in a photonic circuit?
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Spreading entanglement over multiple systems

Question: imagine that Alice and Bob share, say, one ebit $\lvert\Phi_+\rangle_\text{AB}$, and that they are only able to carry out local operations and classical communication. Is there an algorithm ...
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Magic square operator's measurement product

In the talk by Andrea Coladangelo (link) at 29:30, he claims that if $X_1X_2X_3 = I$, such that the operators commute. Then, the product of the measurement results on an EPR pair of the same dimension ...
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Modified CHSH game - Does entanglement help?

I'm thinking about a modified version of the CHSH game and I'm trying to convince myself that in this case, entanglement cannot be used to gain an advantage or else it would imply signalling is ...
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Parallel repetition to amplify the gap for nonlocal games

Suppose for an one-round nonlocal game $G$ with question size $n$, answer size $2$ (i.e the answer is yes or no), a verifier and two provers Alice and Bob sharing $\text{Poly}(n)$ entangled-qubits. If ...
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