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For questions regarding the complexity class MIP*, the quantum version of the MIP class.

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Consequences of MIP*=RE regarding quantum universality

Provided that $\mathsf{MIP}^*=\mathsf{RE}$ there can be Bell inequalities that have violations achievable only for infinite dimensional quantum systems (vide discussions in Post1 and Post2). Does this ...
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Consequences of $MIP^\ast=RE$ Regarding Quantum Algorithms

The (pending-peer review) proof of $MIP^\ast=RE$ in this pre-print has been hailed as a significant breakthrough. The significance of this result is addressed by Henry Yuen (one of the authors) in ...
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Is Connes' Embedding Problem akin to the word problem for finitely presented groups?

The complexity class $\mathrm{MIP^*}$ includes the set of languages that can be efficiently verified by a classical, polynomially-bounded verifier, engaging with two quantum provers that can share (...
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