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Questions tagged [matlab]

The tag is used for questions related to MatLab application in quantum computing.

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Is there a way to map the Cu3 gate to represent a unitary matrix whose elements are complex in nature

I have this 2*2 unitary matrix one looks like U =[ -0.2840 - 0.5319i, -0.0000 - 0.7978i; -0.0000 - 0.7978i ,-0.2840 + 0.5319i] I want to represent this unitary matrix by a CU3 gate which looks like ...
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Quantum Image Processing Application

I have been reading about Quantum Wavelet transform and finding some problems. One of its application is that image is given as input and same image is retrieved as output with reduced size(Please ...
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Semi-definite program for smooth min-entropy

The conditional min-entropy is defined as (wiki): $$ H_{\min}(A|B)_{\rho} \equiv -\inf_{\sigma_B}\inf_{\lambda}\{\lambda \in \mathbb{R}:\rho_{AB} \leq 2^{\lambda} \mathbb{I} \otimes \sigma_B\} $$ And ...
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Access IBM Q processors from MatLab

Qiskit allows a user to directly access IBM Q quantum processors (both real ones and simulator). Each user is given a personal code which is entered into source code and serves as a login to the IBM Q ...
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Can my MatLab code be used as a good simulator of a quantum computer?

I have tried to program universal quantum computer simulator in MatLab. Please find a code here: Can be this ...
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