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For questions regarding the use of Linear Optics in quantum computation with photonic computers, such as those from the Psi-Quantum company, or for usage in quantum photonic experiments related to quantum information, such as the photonic characterization of quantum bits, it's manipulations and others.

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How to entangle 2 qubits using a polarizing beam splitter?

A polarizing beam splitter splits a continuous beam of photons in 2 directions: (from here) (from here) I am curious and have a few related questions about using simple optics in quantum computing: ...
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CNOT gate path interference

I have a question on paper In this paper, the CNOT gate is realized using a beam displacer for higher stability. The figure below shows a 1:1 mapping from (a) to (...
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Combining photons at a beam splitter and states tensorization

I wonder what is the operation for 'combining' two polarized photons (one into each input arm, with perfect timing). I would consider three steps: 1.The two modes (polarization, arm) should be ...
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How to translate between continuous variable model and discrete model?

If I understand correctly, the discrete and continuous variable (CV) version of quantum computation are equivalent. However, the continuous aspect of the CV model makes me wonder to what extent can ...
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Measurement Base of Fusion Gate

I am reading this article on "Fusion-based quantum computation" and they claim there about Fusion Gate type-2 that it collapses the state to 2 types of eigenstates, and returns 2 results - $...
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Platform to Simulate FLO of Majorana

Is there any python (other languages are also OK) library/platform/toolbox, open-source, to simulate Majorana in FLO (Fermion Linear Optics) as done in this article. I tried to look for the platform ...
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Any good sources to demonstrate Heisenberg uncertainty principle using polarizers?

Sakurai introduces QM using Stern Gerlach experiment. He also demonstrates HUP using the experiment. SG experiment deals with spin. However, spin is very similar to polarization. Hence, HUP should ...
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How are two photons entangled in the Xanadu computer?

I was recently reading about how Xanadu made a scalable, room-temperature-operating quantum computer using photons as qubits (see this link). It said that in the logic gates, it entangles two photons ...
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Why is it important to perform optical quantum computing with ONLY linear components?

The main achievement of the KLM protocol is demonstrating that quantum computing can be done with only linear optical elements, i.e., beam splitters, phase shifters, single-photon sources, and photo-...
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