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Is there relation between IonQ native gates and the rotation gates $R_x$, $R_y$, $R_z$? [closed]

I know $GZ = R_z$ and $XX = MS$ but what about $GPI$ and $GPI2$?
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What does the Qiskit transpile function do on an Azure Quantum IonQ provider?

I can run a circuit on IonQ through Azure Quantum, but I was wondering if I need to run the transpile function.
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How to get IonQ Task's Native Instructions/Decomposition (Amazon Braket)

When you run something on one of IBM's free computers, you can look up what it actually ran; i.e. it gives you the decomposition of the circuit you told it to run. When running on IonQ with Amazon's ...
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IonQ signup process and access via Google Cloud

I'm trying to sign up in ionq, but it seems that one needs to habilitate at least the Google Cloud Platform. The documentation is not too clear and I have -10 of experience for cloud platform. Does ...
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