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Questions tagged [hilbert-space]

Understanding the geometric (tensor composition, vectors, holistic character) or algebraic (observables, commutative subspaces) properties of Hilbert spaces described in Quantum Information and Quantum Computation Science

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Neumark dilation for qubit tetrahedron SIC-POVM

I would like to know if an analytic solution is known for the Neumark dilation of the qubit tetrahedron SIC-POVM defined by $$ M_0= \frac{1}{4\sqrt{3}} \Big( \sqrt{3}I + X +Y +Z \Big), \qquad M_1= \...
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1 vote
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Quadratic forms on finite linear combinations of pure symmetric (+) or antisymmetric (−) tensor products of basis vectors

I'm trying to solve this problem, I am not sure how to go about it. Some help would be highly appreciated. Let $\mathcal{H}$ be a (one-body) Hilbert space and let $\{u_\alpha\}^\infty_{\alpha=1}$ be ...
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