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Questions tagged [hilbert-space]

Understanding the geometric (tensor composition, vectors, holistic character) or algebraic (observables, commutative subspaces) properties of Hilbert spaces described in Quantum Information and Quantum Computation Science

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Is there a CPTP map that takes $\rho_{AB}$ to $\rho_A\otimes\rho_B$?

Given some joint state $\rho_{AB}$, one can find either the marginal state $\rho_A$ or the marginal state $\rho_B$ through a CPTP map. The proof being that partial tracing is indeed CPTP. Is a CPTP ...
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Does Neumark's/Naimark's extension theorem only apply to rank-1 POVMs?

Starting with the definitions used. A PVM is a set $\mathcal{P} = \{P_i: P_i^2 = P_i, P_iP_j = \delta_{ij}P_j, \sum{P_i} = \mathbf{I}\}_{i,j=1}^n$, where $n\leq d$ on a Hilbert space $\mathcal{H}^d$ ...
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Does proximity of two bipartite states in a norm force high overlap between the elements of the Schmidt bases?

I want to know that there is a relation between the distance of two vectors and the corresponding elements of the Schmidt bases. We assume that two bipartite vectors $|\phi\rangle^{AB}$ and $|\psi\...
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