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What are simulators for defect (diamond) based qubit?

Hi I am looking for some simulators which can simulate behavior of defect based qubits such as NV centers in diamond and hexagonal boron nitride in different scales(or if there isn't any, which ...
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How can I find out how compatible a quantum circuit is to a backend without executing the circuit

Say I have multiple backends, I need a score to determine how well a backend is suitable for that particular circuit, I have it's noise model too, I tried transpiling the circuit and calculating noise ...
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Is the choice of Measurement-based model specific to the hardware technology?

Most photonic hardware providers seem to prefer Measurement-based quantum computing (MBQC) over the gate-based model. Is this due to some limitations of the corresponding hardware technologie? If yes,...
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How are qubits actually implemented in terms of hardware?

I am new to quantum computing and just have a beginner question. I am fascinated by the subject. Say I have the qubit \begin{bmatrix} \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} \\ \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} \end{bmatrix} I ...
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Classical electronics controls from both sides - could we do it for some quantum electronics?

In classical electronics we actively pull and push electrons by electric field - could we get such two-way control for some quantum electronics? For example silicon quantum dots - for state ...
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Recent hardware advances towards fault-tolerant quantum computing and quantum error correction

Please excuse the broad nature of the question. I am interested in understanding recent developments by various hardware companies and their approaches towards quantum error correction. My knowledge ...
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When did Rigetti release their 128-qubit chip?

On Aug 6 2018, Rigetti announced that they would release a 128-qubit chip within a year. They provided an update on Jan 24 2019, but there is no mention of further progress. Other sources all mention ...
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How to deal with unused qubits in application specific quantum chips?

Background I am a complete novice to quantum hardware but am trying to give myself an introduction to Qiskit Metal. I have set myself the challenge of designing a custom quantum chip for the Bernstein-...
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Which HEMT (standard transistor) amplifiers are used in superconducting qubit readout chain?

The two images below show HEMT amplifiers at the 3-6K stage. All the papers simply mention "standard HEMT amplifiers", but I am not sure what "standard" means. Does anyone know of ...
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Resources to study superconducting quantum hardware for beginners

I want to start studying quantum hardware, in particular I'm interested on superconducting qubit. Are there any valid resources for a beginner (notes, lecture...)? I'm an electronic engineer and I ...
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How to create a electron in a superpositon?

I am trying to understand how are qubits created and implemented in real life. I was unable to find much information about how electrons are kept or sent into a superposition of our wish which is of ...
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QPU vs. Solvers

I am trying to understand the roles of the QPU and the solvers in a quantum device, specifically I am reading for this purpose the documentation of D-Wave. While it is clear to me that the QPU of a ...
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What is the optimal hardware for quantum computing, and what factors contribute to its preference?

In conventional computing, the use of CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology as the foundational circuitry for digital logic gates in CPUs has become the industry norm. CMOS's ...
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qiskit with our own backend

In our laboratory we have our own cryostat and quantum chips, so I wondered if is it even possible to mate our own hardware (HDAWG, etc.) with qiskit framework? It would be great to build pulse ...
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What level of physics and math do I need to get into Quantum Computing (hardware)?

I already understand the abstractions of Quantum Computing (software), which includes qubits, interference, qubit entanglement, and circuits. However, despite being able to write Q# code that makes up ...
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Physical interpretation of superposition state

I was confused with interpreting superposition state in the anharmonic energy diagram. In the anharmonic energy diagram, an energy pulse can shift the state of the qubit from $|0\rangle$ to $|1\rangle$...
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How can I get real hardware resources for IBM Quantum locally?

When I try to connect to ibm real quantum hardware locally, from qiskit_ibm_runtime import QiskitRuntimeService service = QiskitRuntimeService() I got the ...
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What's the draw back of bosonic qubits/codes?

The engineered dissipation approach enables autonomous error correction, and Kerr-cat qubit supports bias-preserving gates which brings done the cost of fault-tolerant error correction by utilizing ...
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How representative are Pauli errors of the complete set of errors that can occur on a quantum computer?

We know that Pauli errors (=channels?) can be simulated efficiently on a classical computer. How representative are Pauli errors of the complete set of errors that can occur on a quantum computer? Is ...
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Checking if Explanation of Quantum Computer is Correct

My explanation of a quantum computer and why it is potentially faster is below: A quantum computer uses physical phenomenon to perform operations called gates. These gates act upon things called ...
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What are the prospects for improving CLOPS on superconducting computers during the next several years?

According to this paper, the speed of a quantum processor can be measured in Circuit Layer Operations Per Second (CLOPS). Circuit layers are defined in the context of Quantum Volume (QV) benchmarks, ...
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How are quantum circuits run on real quantum computers?

Sorry if this question sounds trivial, however I'm struggling to get the intuition of how quantum circuits are actually run on real quantum hardware. As far as I know, in a simulated environment, ...
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Obtaining device calibration on Azure Quantum

In cirq we have calibration = service.get_current_calibration() which gives the current calibration of the QPU. How to obtain the same on Azure Quantum ?
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3 answers

What are quantum computers actually doing today?

I am curious about what are quantum computers actually doing today. I seem to only be able to find information online about what they could be used for in the future (i.e. breaking encryption, quantum ...
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which hardware platform is best for single qubits?

Please share a paper most recent data on single qubit hardware comparisons. Mainly gate single qubit gate fidelities and coherence times.
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Resource/materials for learning about quantum computer hardware

I am chemical engineering undergraduate (currently in 3 year). I do have interest in quantum computer hardware. I have read Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Isaac Chuang and Michael ...
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Is 216 qumodes photonic quantum processor equivalent to 216 qubits superconducting quantum processor, in terms of computational power?

Xanadu just launched borealis, 216 qumodes photonic quantum computer, this week. Its number of qubits is very interesting because it ...
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What’s the difference between the DriveChannel and the Control Channel?

In my incredibly elementary understanding of superconducting qubits, a qubit is an LC circuit where the inductor has been replaced with a Josephson junction. In this system, microwave pulse operations ...
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Does "detecting and characterizing quantum information [electron spin quantum states]" satisfy statement 5 of DiVincenzo's criteria?

I am reading a company's (Archer Materials) press release on their progress towards building a quantum computing chip and I have a question about how a certain statements are phrased: Archer’s 12CQ ...
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