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Questions tagged [graph-states]

Graph-states are a class of quantum state that can be efficiently and uniquely represented by graphs. In the case of qubit graph states, each edge corresponds to a CZ operation applied between two qubits in the +1 X eigenstate. Graph states have a number of useful properties that make them useful objects for the analysis of large quantum systems and play a prominent role in the analysis of quantum computation and communication architectures and protocols.

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6 votes
2 answers

How can one check whether a given quantum state is a graph state?

We can build a quantum state from a graph, which is a mathematical concept. But, vice versa, how can one check whether or not a given quantum state is a graph state?
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2 answers

how to go from a stabilizer state to a graph

A comment (by Marcus Heinrich) in a previous post says : "any stabiliser state is locally Clifford equivalent to a graph state and vice versa". I can go from a graph (defined by its ...
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Quantum Circuit explaination

I have a circuit that generates a 4 qubit linear cluster. The steps i understand are Initialize the 4 qubits to $|0000\rangle$. Apply Hadamard $H$ on all. Then apply a controlled $Z$ gate . All ...
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Cluster/Graph state teleportation

I came across somewhere about the circuit diagram that depicts the teleportation of a 4-qubit cluster state. Here it is Let me tell what i understood. The qubits on the first two wires give the state ...
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