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What is the general form for GHZ and W class states?

I am reading the following paper on mixed three-qubit states. It states that any three–qubit pure state can be written as (equation 1 of the paper) $|\psi_{GHZ}\rangle=\lambda_0 |000\rangle+\lambda_1 ...
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Are GHZ states absolutely maximally entangled?

The definition of an absolutely maximally entangled state is as follows: "A multipartite state $|\psi\rangle$ of a system S is called absolutely maximally entangled if for any bipartition A|B of ...
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How can I find the probabilities corresponding to measurement results of an observable of the GHZ states?

I'm working on a problem involving the calculation of probabilities for outcomes of a measurement on a quantum state perturbed by an error. The state in question is a GHZ state $|\text{GHZ}\rangle = \...
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Why does measuring a GHZ state in the computational basis destroy the entanglement?

Measuring in a basis other than the computational (Z) basis will generally destroy any entanglement present in the GHZ state, as the entanglement is defined with respect to specific basis states. Why? ...
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Output of my quantum circuit to create 3-qubit GHZ-like state does not make sense mathematically

I want to create the GHZ-like state, $|\Psi\rangle = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} \left(|011\rangle - |100 \rangle \right)$. I build my circuit in the following way. apply the x gate to the first and third ...
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Difference between a star graph state and GHZ graph state

I saw in a class that star state and GHZ state are local-Clifford equivalent (Hadamard on n-1 qubits for a n star state). But then, when I wanted to draw a GHZ state and check on the litterature ...
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Cirq: n-qubit GHZ state

I am trying to write $n$ party GHZ state but at the end of the day, it seems like bi partite state. I am missing a detail. Here is my code ...
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Producing $|ghz\rangle\langle ghz|$ State in Cirq

I could manage to produce 3 qubit ghz state in Cirq. But I don't know how I can produce $|GHZ\rangle\langle GHZ|$ in Cirq Here is my code for 3 qubit ghz state Can you help me please for improving my ...
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Transferring GHZ state onto some qubits

This question is just my effort that I made by understanding the previous answers to my questions . I have a GHZ state $|000\rangle+|111\rangle$ (please ignore the normalizing constant). For ...
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