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Output of my quantum circuit to create 3-qubit GHZ-like state does not make sense mathematically

I want to create the GHZ-like state, $|\Psi\rangle = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} \left(|011\rangle - |100 \rangle \right)$. I build my circuit in the following way. apply the x gate to the first and third ...
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Trainning RBM with QuCumber

Does anyone here have any idea on how to use the python package QuCumber? They seem really dead in the sense that in their GitHub page there are no updates for more than 4 years. Anyway, I was reading ...
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Difference between a star graph state and GHZ graph state

I saw in a class that star state and GHZ state are local-Clifford equivalent (Hadamard on n-1 qubits for a n star state). But then, when I wanted to draw a GHZ state and check on the litterature ...
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Cirq: n-qubit GHZ state

I am trying to write $n$ party GHZ state but at the end of the day, it seems like bi partite state. I am missing a detail. Here is my code ...
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Producing $|ghz\rangle\langle ghz|$ State in Cirq

I could manage to produce 3 qubit ghz state in Cirq. But I don't know how I can produce $|GHZ\rangle\langle GHZ|$ in Cirq Here is my code for 3 qubit ghz state Can you help me please for improving my ...
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Transferring GHZ state onto some qubits

This question is just my effort that I made by understanding the previous answers to my questions . I have a GHZ state $|000\rangle+|111\rangle$ (please ignore the normalizing constant). For ...
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