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Questions tagged [gate-fidelity]

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Qiskit NoiseModel.from_backend gives wrong gate error

According to the Qiskit documentation, a gate error is simulated by a thermal relaxation channel followed by a depolarisation channel, where the parameter of the depolarisation channel is adjusted so ...
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How can I get fidelity of a gate from randomized benchmarking?

I found (page 33) the method of finding fidelity from fit by "interleaved and reference decay" according to the sequence fidelity formula: $$F_{ref}=Ap_{ref}^{m}+B,$$ where $p_{ref}^{m}$ is ...
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Calculate average fidelity of QobjEvo

I am using QuTip to simulate a quantum gate, and I want to calculate the average fidelity of the gate. I have the Hamiltonian, the interaction time, and Liouvillian modeling the decoherence. Is there ...
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How to extract the entanglement fidelity from an arbitrary quantum operation?

I have an arbitrary process matrix that does an entangling operation (a controlled-pi/2 rotation) plus some additional phase rotations that are not of interest. I am curious to find a way to extract a ...
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