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Questions tagged [error-mitigation]

For questions about QEM (Quantum Error Mitigation) which is different from Quantum Error Correction in that no extra qubits are used.

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2 answers

Mitigating the noise in a quantum circuit

I'm using Qiskit and I have a Quantum Circuit (say, circuit) that gives reasonable results when using the simulator, namely ...
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Add noise_model when using 'ibmq_qasm_simulator' backend and function

I am trying to test some qiskit code that employs readout-error mitigation using the ibmq_qasm_simulator backend and Qiskit Runtime. I am getting the backend as ...
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1 answer

Filtering a set of results obtained from job manager

I've already generated a filter for readout error mitigation: ...
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Am I doing anything wrong when trying to calculate the expectation value in Qiskit on the real hardware?

I am trying to use the method of calculating the expectation values of Pauli operators in Qiskit which I found here. However, the results obtained via IBMQ sampling differ significantly from the exact ...
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3 votes
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How to set the meas_level and optimization_level in Quantum Azure IonQ provider?

I am performing a benchmark process using the Azure Quantum IonQ provider. I use Qiskit in the Azure platform, and I was trying to see how to control the transpiling and compiling process. It seems ...
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Implementing Readout Error in my circuit seems to have no effect whatsoever

I am trying to perform a simulation using Qasm in order to see how the readout error actually affects my circuit. The circuit I am implementing is a trivial one, the three qubit one that implements ...
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3 answers

Surface Code - Convert Control Error to Clifford Error

I am simulating surface code, in order to find the logical error as a function of control error in my circuit. Each of my data qubits is multiplied in control error = a unitary matrix $U$ which is ...
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Specifying qubits to achieve measurement error mitigation on Qiskit

I'm learning how to do error mitigation on Qiskit as my experiment result differs from the simulated result. I read the tutorial here, but I have some questions about it. If I have understood it ...
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