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Circuit Diagram/Schematic for Hamiltonian Encoding? [closed]

The Hamiltonian encodes the classical data as quantum states by embedding the information into the energy eigenstates (eigenvalues; energy level states) of a Hamiltonian operator. Please state what an ...
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Visual the qubit state after amplitude encoding

I trying to visualize qubits state after amplitude encoding. I have the following code which takes the 8 feature [1/2, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2,1/2, 1/2,1/2,1/2] and encodes into 3 qubits. I now get the output [...
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Is efficient state preparation possible for binary states?

Binary Vector Definition: A vector where each entry has one of 2 possible values: $\{0, \dfrac{1}{\sqrt{K}}\}$. Where $K$ is the number of non zero entries. Question Is there anything special about ...
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Data encoding (PennyLane) vs feature map (Qiskit)

I am new to quantum machine learning and I came across data encoding (in Pennylane) and feature map (in Qiskit). What are their similarities and differences?
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How to best represent 5-Qbit codeword operator in Qiskit [duplicate]

We learned that in the 5-Qibit error correcting code, the logical zero state $ | \bar{0} \rangle $ is encoded in the form of $ \frac{1}{4} (\mathbb{1}+M_0)(\mathbb{1}+M_1)(\mathbb{1}+M_2)(\mathbb{1}+...
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Derivation of complexity for data encoding schemes

Could anyone help to derive the space-time complexities of the following different data encoding schemes ?
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Encoding classical data to quantum space

I went through the link "" where a hybrid of classical and quantum ...
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Amplitude Encoding via Ventura-Martinez leads to Division-by-0?

I'm confused about the middle step of Ventura-Martinez' algorithm for amplitude encoding (paper). According to Schuld-Petruccione (also Jacquier/Kondratyev) we construct and apply to the ancilla $a_2$ ...
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How does one perform amplitude encoding using only unitary gates?

How does one perform amplitude encoding using only unitary gates ? Could you show me a concrete example ?
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Grover's algorithm to maximize QUBO functions

I'm trying to maximize a QUBO function f(x,y,z) = 3xy + 4xz - 3yz + 11y + z. How can I use Grover's algorithm to do this? I've been told to encode this cost ...
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What do arbitrary encoding circuits provide?

I'm about to implement my first VQC for image classification and I'm trying to figure out which data encoding method could fit better the problem. From what I've understood, there are three main ...
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How to implement the Circuit of Steane's code for Quantum Error Correction?

I have referred this same question here 'Circuit for implementing Steane's code for Quantum Error Correction' . But the answer discusses the circuit to compute the syndrome and not clearly the ...
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Arbitrary Encoding - how 3 qubits can encode 12 distinct features?

I am trying to understand how Arbitrary Encoding, as described in this qiskit site, works and can encode 12 features using only 3 qubits. ...
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What is the structure of Qiskit's amplitude-encoded quantum circuit?

A problem that has been ignored before is that Ansatz does not know that classical data becomes quantum data. Although Qiskit provides the Initialize() function that can be initialized directly. I'm ...
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