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Emulation is the practice of exactly replicating the function of something. Use this tag for when you are emulating a quantum computer or things on one. Use [simulation] if an exact replica isn't essential.

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Are there emulators for quantum networks?

Inspired by the question Are there emulators for quantum computers?, I'm curious to know if it's possible to emulate a quantum network on a classic computer. Additionally, is it possible to emulate a ...
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Computing with Logical Qunits

What exactly is a logical (non-physical? error corrected?) qunit? Can quantum systems be built exclusively w/ logical qunits?
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How to keep track of entanglements when emulating quantum computation?

I am trying to build a quantum computation library as my university project. I am still learning all the aspects of the Quantum Computing field. I know there are efficient libraries already for ...
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Are there emulators for quantum computers?

Is there any way to emulate a quantum computer in my normal computer, so that I will be able to test and try quantum programming languages (such as Q#)? I mean something that I can really test my ...
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