Questions tagged [dilution-refrigerator]

For questions involving the device used to cool things (especially qubits) down to very low temperatures (millikelvin).

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Would an ambient-pressure, room-temperature superconductor eliminate the need for a dil-fridge in transmon processors?

Although there are many competing designs for quantum computer architectures, a transmon-based superconducting qubit architecture is well-advanced enough to be "in the lead" across various ...
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What methods exist for cooling superconducting quantum computers? [duplicate]

Existing superconducting quantum computers need to be cooled near absolute zero. For example, some of D-Wave's machines are cooled to about $20 \ \mathrm {mK}$. Their design uses a dilution ...
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What cryogenic systems are suitable for superconducting qubits?

Is a dilution refrigerator the only way to cool superconducting qubits down to 10 millikelvin? If not, what other methods are there, and why is dilution refrigeration the primary method?
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