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The "principle of deferred measurement" refers to the idea that in almost all cases measurement may be performed as a last step in a quantum computation. This tag is dedicated to questions that explore the concept and/or potential exceptions to the concept.

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10 votes
2 answers

Are there any algorithms that take measurements in an intermediate step?

As a beginner in quantum computation, I noticed that all quantum algorithms take various gates followed by measuring the qubits in the last step. Is it always the case? Are there any algorithms that ...
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What is a proof for the principle of deferred measurement?

Does anyone know of a proof for the 'principle of deferred measurement'?
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3 votes
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what does it mean to "measure a qubit" if measurement is defined on operators

As far as I know "measurement" depends on the two variables : state and operator. So what exactly does measuring a qubit mean? is it implied that the operator is the $Z$ operator on that ...
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