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Smallest distance 9 self dual code CSS code

Very similar to a previous question at Smallest distance 9 self-dual CSS code? . I'm wondering whats the smallest distance 9 self dual CSS code. There is a 23 qubit distance 7 Golay code and a 47 ...
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Implementing CNOT logical gate for the Steane code

I am looking at the transversal logical gates for the Steane code. I am having trouble trying to implement the $CNOT$ logical gate for this code. I understand that we can transversally implement a ...
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Transversal CNOTs on CSS codes with multiple logical qubits

I am interested in the theory of implementing logical gates on quantum error correcting codes. From a practical view, transversal gates are very attractive. I have a question about transversal gates. ...
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A better name for "weakly self-dual CSS codes"

Does anyone know a better name than "weakly self-dual"/"self-orthogonal" for CSS codes where $H_X=H_Z$, for example the Steane code, and the color codes? Details In the discussion ...
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Smallest distance 9 self-dual CSS code?

The level-2 concatenated [[7,1,3]] Steane code, and the 4.8.8 color code are both self-dual [[49,1,9]] codes from the CSS family. Is there a distance 9 self-dual CSS code that has less than 49 qubits?
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