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A quantification of quantum entanglement that also serves as a separability criterion. Concurrence equal to zero indicates an unentangled/separable state. A non-zero concurrence "quantifies" how far the states in question are from achieving separability.

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How to get to the formula for the entanglement of formation of two-qubit states?

An explicit formula for the entanglement of formation $E(\rho)$ for an arbitrary two-qubit state $\rho$ was given by Wooters in Entanglement of Formation of an Arbitrary State of Two Qubits. The ...
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Why does $\sigma_y$ seem to have a special role in the two-qubit concurrence?

The concurrence of a two-qubit state $\rho$ can be written as $$\mathcal C(\rho) = \max(0, \lambda_1-\lambda_2-\lambda_3-\lambda_4),$$ where $\lambda_i$ are the eigenvalues of $|\sqrt\rho\sqrt{\tilde\...
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What is the relation between fidelity and concurrence for a two qubit maximally mixed state?

I am trying to understand the relation between Fidelity and Concurrence for a two qubit maximally mixed state. When I calculate the Fidelity and Concurrence, I observe that Concurrence is zero whereas ...
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