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For questions about cluster states, a class of entangled many-qubit systems that are especially useful in the context of measurement-based quantum computation schemes.

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Distance of one dimensional quantum error correcting code

Consider one dimensional quantum codes $[[ n,k=0]] $. One way to describe them is using stabilizer framework with $n$ independent Pauli matrices. Usually, one considers them in the graph state model ...
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What is the effect of measuring a node in a cluster state?

I'm still quite confused about the post-measurement state when a node of a cluster state is measured. As far as I'm aware, for a cluster state, a given node $j$ will have a stabilizer $$X_j\bigotimes_{...
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On Cluster States: Measuring in $|+\rangle$ and $|-\rangle$ basis vs. some other computational basis

I'm currently learning quantum information and I seem to miss some important points on cluster states. My question is this: If we want to get one qubit disentangled from the quantum cluster state we ...
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Limitations on the number of qubits for a $\mathrm{CNOT}$-gate in cluster states

I'm reading about cluster states using this online source. It is explained that a CNOT can be performed on cluster states using as little as $4$ qubits. However, the standard implementation is with $...
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How does the stated Pauli decomposition for $\operatorname{CP\cdot A\cdot CP}$ arise?

I'm having a bit of trouble understand @DaftWullie's answer here. I understood that the $4\times 4$ matrix $A$ $$ \frac{1}{4} \left[\begin{matrix} 15 & 9 & 5 & -3 \\ 9 & 15 & 3 &...