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The Circuit Layer Operation Per Second has been defined by Wack et al. and is a metric aimed at evaluating the speed at which a quantum computer can execute a layer of gates which width is related to its quantum-volume.

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Comparison Between FLOPS and CLOPS

I'm now trying to design a quantum circuit via qiskit or pennylane. Here, to show my model's superiority, I'm now finding computational cost metrics (FLOPS in the classical algorithm). In my knowledge,...
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Compute the number of circuit layers in an UCC type ansatz using Qiskit

I am trying to compute the number of circuit layers in a UCC ansatz in Qiskit in order to estimate the circuit running time using CLOPS estimates on IBM quantum devices. Here is what I tried to do: <...
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What are the prospects for improving CLOPS on superconducting computers during the next several years?

According to this paper, the speed of a quantum processor can be measured in Circuit Layer Operations Per Second (CLOPS). Circuit layers are defined in the context of Quantum Volume (QV) benchmarks, ...
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