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Questions tagged [classical-computing]

For questions about the relation between quantum computing and classical computing, such as their relative performance.

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Empirical Algorithmics for Near-Term Quantum Computing

In Empirical Algorithmics, researchers aim to understand the performance of algorithms through analyzing their empirical performance. This is quite common in machine learning and optimization. Right ...
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What is the best way to use loop statements on a quantum computer?

I am interested in solving a time dependent linear partial differential equation of the form $Ax=b$ which, in classical computing, would amount to looping over solutions of $Ax=b$ where $b$ is updated ...
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Understanding the Gottesman-Knill Theorem

I come from a theoretical CS background, and I am trying to gain a better appreciation of the exact formal statement of the Gottesman-Knill theorem in terms that I am more familiar with. My question ...
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Is it safe to assume that any hybrid algorithm can be transformed into a purely quantum form with comparable complexity?

Suppose we have a definite function of interest from numbers to numbers (from a finite set). In general, we have a lot of options when we construct algorithms that compute it (with some errors, ...
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Advantage of quantum computers over classical computers in fully modeling interactions between atoms?

I'm trying to better understand the advantage quantum computers offer in terms of their ability to more accurately model chemical reactions. As a way to come to a deeper understanding, my question is: ...
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Best classical algorithm for period finding on finite Abelian groups

Given a finite Abelian group $G = \prod_{j=1}^n \mathbb{Z}_{m_j}$ with $m_j \geq 2$ and a function $h: G \to \mathbb{C}$ that is $s$-periodic. I have already proven that for all $\xi \in G$ we have $\...
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When is a Quantum Computer Slower Than a Classical Computer?

Someone offhandedly mentioned to me that quantum computers are sometimes significantly (I guess they meant asymptotically) slower than classical computers. Unfortunately, I didn't get any arguments ...
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Quantum code for Substitution Box

How to write quantum code(qiskit) for n-bit Substitution Box with minimum number of gate and qubit.
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How can I Combine Qiskit's VQE Tutorial and TSP Simulator to solve the TSP on a real backend efficiently?

I have a university project where I am trying to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem by using a real quantum backend, rather than just the VQE simulator, as in this tutorial. I found this code on ...
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Who is currently working on coherent Ising machines (classical analog devices)?

Can you share some papers on that subject? Review papers would be highly appreciated. What are limitations in terms of connectivity between different spins?
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Is there research on leveraging quantum computing in the theory component of classical SMT solvers?

Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) extends the concept of boolean satisfiability (SAT) by including theories such as arithmetic, arrays, bit vectors, and functions. In a typical SMT problem, a ...
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Find the minimal and maximal of $\widehat{S}_f (\rho \| U^* \sigma U)$

I have been study the minimal (maximal) of a $f-$divergence. Fumio Hiai introduced the $\widehat{S}_f (\rho \| \sigma)$ divergence in his article. $$\widehat{S}_f (\rho \| \sigma) := \text{Tr} \sigma^{...
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Applying a clock in quantum computing?

In quantum computing, I feel it mostly looks like designing hardware with Hardware Description Language (HDL) experience such as VHDL or Verilog. So the term program language for quantum computing ...
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Can a Hankel matrix $H$ be efficiently decomposed into a linear combination of unitaries (LCU), so that $H=\sum_k a_k U_k$

Suppose I have a Hankel matrix of arbitrary size $N\times M=2^n\times 2^m$ for integers $n<m$ (the qubit numbers of two circuits I have at my possession), given by: $H=\begin{pmatrix}x_1&x_2&...
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Can hash functions speed up quantum simulation? (Generalizing May and Schlieper's idea)

Recently May and Schlieper have published a preprint ( arguing that the modular exponential register in Shor's algorithms can be replaced with a universally hashed ...
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Can Quantum Voting Machine replace Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in future?

Some countries like India are using standalone electronic voting machines (EVM) for elections. They are not interconnected, use no power cables (run on battery), no wireless cards and are secure ...
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Comparing CPU to QPU In terms of processing power

The current processors are limited by the speed of the electrons but quantum processors take advantage of the properties of subatomic particles. But the question is how to compare the processing power ...
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What is reservoir computing in simple terms, and how can it be used with quantum computing?

For those who are familiar with the notion of Reservoir Computing, can you explain the concept with simple terms and how it can be used with quantum computing ?
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